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As a young girl growing up in the Himalayan region of Sikkim, Pema was known within her family and community as being a solitary free spirit with a love for life. Even after being diagnosed with cancer as a child and enduring the loss of her hair with the ensuing medical treatments, Pema always remained positive and passionate about the great human experience we all share.


Pema's brother, heartbroken at seeing his sister without hair, wrapped a scarf around her head and reassured her that she looked as beautiful as ever.


Pema felt pure love and joy in the kaleidoscope of beautiful colors and materials in the scarf that surrounded her face as a young girl.


Since then, she infuses that same alchemy of love and energy into every one of the scarves that she creates today at her small shop in New York City.


Pema's passion for color and the finest materials create beauty that will take your breath away and have you feel the same joy she has had for the scarves that have meant so much to her throughout her life.

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